Amber Solar Power Limited

Powering communities.
Driven by the sun.

Amber exists to provide clean, solar-powered energy solutions and EV charging stations. By embedding ourselves with the fabric of local communities, we aim to drive the future…both the future of transportation, and the future of well-being of the local communities we serve.

Amber Fusion UK

The Innovation Under the Hood

Smart Energy Use

Smart Energy Use

Managing renewable energy can be tricky because it’s not always consistent. Our system smartly adjusts, either using extra energy when it’s abundant, or saving it for times when it’s scarce.

Amber Solar Reliable Power

Reliable Power

We source power via solar panels and store it in batteries on-site. This ensures a constant supply, a reliable power backup and no interruption to services.

Amber Solar Keeping the Grid Stable

Keeping the Grid Stable

Our national power system needs steady energy to work effectively. We help by providing that extra boost when needed, ensuring a stable supply for everyone

Our Sustainable Solutions

EV Charging station by Amber

EV Charging Solutions

Revolutionise your travel with our state-of-the-art solar-powered EV charging stations. Designed for efficiency and accessibility, our stations are a beacon of sustainable transportation.

Solar PV Systems

Solar PV Systems

Illuminate your home or business with our bespoke solar energy solutions. Harnessing the sun's power, we provide reliable, renewable energy tailored to your needs.

A Holistic Strategy for a Greener Tomorrow

  • Solar Sourcing:

    We harness the sun’s limitless energy through solar panels, ensuring that every charge is as green as possible.

  • On-Site Battery Storage:

    We minimise waste and maximise efficiency by storing excess energy right where it’s generated, contributing to grid flexibility and clean air.

  • Community Uplift:

    We partner with local social housing initiatives to decrease their energy costs, directly benefiting tenants.

  • Profit Share:

    Amber creates profit sharing opportunities for local landlords, thereby also benefiting communities.

  • Skills & Growth:

    We offer hands-on apprenticeship style training to community members, crafting experts in solar installation and EV charger maintenance.

Amber believes in a holistic, ground-up strategy

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