Amber Solar Power Limited

Amber Nano Technologies

Pioneering Graphene in Solar PV Systems

Amber is spearheading the development of Amber Nano Technologies, dedicated to exploring the application of graphene and other advanced materials in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our goal is to revolutionise solar panel technology by integrating graphene, known for its exceptional properties like high strength, conductivity, and flexibility.

Amber Nano Technologies
Innovating with Graphene: The Future of Solar Energy

Strategic Expansion and Research Initiatives

In 2024, we plan to establish a company in Bilbao, Northern Spain, targeting a €200,000 grant for research in utilising graphene within solar panel technology. This research aims to enhance solar efficiency and open new horizons in renewable energy.

A Game-Changer in Renewables

Graphene’s remarkable attributes are set to transform not just solar panels but also extend to wind farms and thermo coatings for energy conservation. Its applications in data centres and military technologies demonstrate its versatility across sectors.

Amber Nano Technologies
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Revolutionising Construction and Energy Production

Incorporating graphene in construction materials promises enhanced strength and durability, while its pseudocapacitance property enables electricity generation from raindrops. This nanotechnology is set to significantly improve solar panel efficiency, making Amber Nano Technologies a leader in sustainable energy innovation.

Market Growth and Potential

The graphene market, valued at US $175.9m in 2022, is projected to reach US $3.75bn by 2030, driven by its diverse applications in energy, construction, automotive, and more. Amber Nano Technologies is poised to be at the forefront of this burgeoning field.