Amber Solar Power Limited

Strategic Partners

Explore the strategic partnerships of Amber with Noble Tree Foundation, Grosvenor Hill Social Impact Group, Vengrove, and Holyvoilt+. These collaborations are driving progress in social housing, renewable energy, and community support across the UK, showcasing our commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility.

Amber Fusion Strategic Partners
Noble Tree Foundation and Amber Fusion

Noble Tree Foundation

Noble Tree Foundation (NTF) is a high growth charity serving the UK vulnerable people sector through providing housing for the homeless – particularly ex-service personnel, refugees and domestic violence victims.

Amber’s collaboration with NTF is a strategic joint-venture aimed at leveraging various spaces for sustainable infrastructure. This partnership facilitates the utilisation of rooftops for Solar PV Systems, converts roadsides and car parks into hubs for EV Charging Stations, and explores the potential for unused land for accommodating Battery Storage solutions.

Noble Tree Foundation

Significant growth in rental income, strong partnerships with city-backed institutions, and a vast portfolio of over 400 units and 1000 bedrooms across the UK.

Committed to providing quality accommodation, aiding personal development and independence.

Noble Tree Foundation and Amber Fusion
Grosvenor Hill and Amber Fusion

Grosvenor Hill Social Impact Group (GHSIG)

GHSIG is a real estate investment and development group, improving the lives of individuals and communities by tackling the social care and housing crisis in the UK.

Funded by private capital, GHSIG can work at pace with partners by fast-tracking decisions while staying adaptive and flexible – given the urgency of the housing crisis.

GHSIG are the freeholders of 50 buildings and its key owners own over 1500 properties in the UK and US.


Vengrove has initiated VRE Social Housing Partners (VRESHP), investing in social housing across the UK.

Aiming for £200m in acquisitions, with a strong focus on sustainable, quality social housing for temporary and homelessness accommodation, social rent, and affordable rent.

Partnership with Holyvolt+ for Advanced Solutions

Partnership with Holyvolt+ for Advanced Solutions

In line with our vision, we are in talks with Holyvolt+ to form a strategic partnership, leveraging their high-efficiency renewable energy solutions and unique nano-paste formulations.