Amber Solar Power Limited

About Amber Fusion

At Amber, we are more than just a company; we are a catalyst for change. Our purpose is rooted in providing clean, solar-powered energy solutions and cutting-edge EV charging stations. By integrating ourselves within local communities, Amber is not just driving the future of transportation but also nurturing the well-being and prosperity of the communities we serve.

About Amber Solar

The business, originally established in 2017 as F&K Renewables Limited (FKR), has evolved and rebranded to become Amber Fusion Limited. Despite the change in name, our core mission and values remain steadfast. We have grown to be one of the few companies adept at providing financial and industry clarity amidst the complexities of today’s and tomorrow’s energy and housing markets.

Our substantial majority shareholder, previously under Fearnley & Kinde Limited during our FKR era, continues to be a pillar of support in our growth and development.

Amber Fusion Limited, carrying forward the legacy of FKR, is headquartered in London, England. We maintain a global presence with associated offices in the USA, the Far East, and Africa. Our enduring joint venture with Noble Tree Foundation (NTF), a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable groups find housing and support for an independent, successful life, remains a significant part of our operation.

This partnership not only aligns with our social responsibility goals but also provides us access to rooftops for Solar PV Systems, Solar Thermal Systems, EV Charging Points, and Battery Storage installations.

Amber Solar Power Limited
EV Charging Station by Amber

Our Purpose

Powering a Brighter, Greener Future

Amber exists to provide clean, solar-powered energy solutions and EV charging stations. By embedding ourselves within the fabric of local communities, we aim to drive the future… both the future of transportation, and the future well-being of the local communities we serve.

Our Proposition

Fast, Affordable, and Socially Responsible

We offer more than just fast and affordable energy solutions; we are a beacon of comprehensive sustainability. Our approach integrates a wide array of renewable energy services, going beyond just EV charging, to encompass solar power, energy storage, and innovative energy trading. 

We place the community at the core of our operations, ensuring that every service we provide contributes to a greener planet and a brighter future for all. 

Our commitment extends to creating a flexible and sustainable energy grid for future generations.

Our Proposition: Fast, Affordable, and Socially Responsible
Shaping a Sustainable Future Across All Energy Frontiers

Our Vision

Pioneering a Sustainable Future

Amber Fusion Limited envisions being a leader in sustainable energy solutions, far beyond just transportation. Our vision is to pioneer in creating greener, self-reliant communities through a diverse range of renewable energy solutions, encompassing solar power, battery storage, and more. We are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and energy costs, advocating for social inclusion, and making a significant, positive impact on the environment and people’s lives.

Our Mission

Energising Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Amber Fusion’s mission is to provide comprehensive renewable energy solutions, going beyond just energising vehicles. We are committed to empowering communities towards energy independence, using an array of renewable sources.

Our focus is on reducing energy costs, enhancing environmental sustainability, and nurturing local talent in renewable technologies. We strive to create opportunities that foster social mobility and transform community members into advocates for sustainability.

Our Mission: Energising Today for a Brighter Tomorrow
Amber Fusion Limited

Founded on a Genuine Desire to Change Lives

Amber’s foundation lies in a deep-seated desire to impact lives positively.


Every decision we make is driven by the people we serve. From tenants to drivers to local technicians, we’re all in this together.

Green at Heart:

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond business. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, a responsibility


We believe in elevating everyone, be it through skills training or energy savings.


Continuously seeking new ways to harness the sun’s power and perfecting the energy experience.

Our Team

The team is composed of individuals with diverse expertise and strong international experience. They have backgrounds and deep sector knowledge in various areas such as the renewable energy sector, property sector, investment banking, fund management, research, institutional investing, public sector consulting, housing sector, and charity sector.

Jakob Kinde Executive Chairman

Jakob Kinde

Chief Executive Officer

Damian Isaacs - Chief Financial Officer

Damian Isaacs

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Boris Goldstein - Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Boris Goldstein

Chief Technology Officer

James Bedborough-Storesund Operations Manager

James Bedborough-Storesund

Business Development & Investor Relations

Lorena Szerman - Non-Executive Director

Lorena Szerman

Non-Executive Director

Peter Nesveda - Non-Executive Director

Peter Nesveda

Non-Executive Director

Michael Hygaard - Non-Executive Director

Michael Hygaard

Non-Executive Director

Our Collective Commitment

Each member of our team embodies Amber’s ethos: a relentless pursuit of sustainable innovation and a deep commitment to community empowerment. Together, we are energising a brighter future for all.