Amber Solar Power Limited

About Amber Fusion

At Amber, we are more than just a company; we are a catalyst for change. Our purpose is rooted in providing clean, solar-powered energy solutions and cutting-edge EV charging stations. By integrating ourselves within local communities, Amber is not just driving the future of transportation but also nurturing the well-being and prosperity of the communities we serve.

About Amber Solar

The business, originally established in 2017 as F&K Renewables Limited (FKR), has evolved and rebranded to become Amber Fusion Limited. Despite the change in name, our core mission and values remain steadfast. We have grown to be one of the few companies adept at providing financial and industry clarity amidst the complexities of today’s and tomorrow’s energy and housing markets.

Our substantial majority shareholder, previously under Fearnley & Kinde Limited during our FKR era, continues to be a pillar of support in our growth and development.

Amber Fusion Limited, carrying forward the legacy of FKR, is headquartered in London, England. We maintain a global presence with associated offices in the USA, the Far East, and Africa. Our enduring joint venture with Noble Tree Foundation (NTF), a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable groups find housing and support for an independent, successful life, remains a significant part of our operation.

This partnership not only aligns with our social responsibility goals but also provides us access to rooftops for Solar PV Systems, Solar Thermal Systems, EV Charging Points, and Battery Storage installations.

Amber Solar Power Limited
EV Charging Station by Amber

Our Purpose

Powering a Brighter, Greener Future

Amber exists to provide clean, solar-powered energy solutions and EV charging stations. By embedding ourselves within the fabric of local communities, we aim to drive the future… both the future of transportation, and the future well-being of the local communities we serve.

Our Proposition

Fast, Affordable, and Socially Responsible

We offer more than just fast and affordable energy solutions; we are a beacon of comprehensive sustainability. Our approach integrates a wide array of renewable energy services, going beyond just EV charging, to encompass solar power, energy storage, and innovative energy trading. 

We place the community at the core of our operations, ensuring that every service we provide contributes to a greener planet and a brighter future for all. 

Our commitment extends to creating a flexible and sustainable energy grid for future generations.

Our Proposition: Fast, Affordable, and Socially Responsible
Shaping a Sustainable Future Across All Energy Frontiers

Our Vision

Pioneering a Sustainable Future

Amber Fusion Limited envisions being a leader in sustainable energy solutions, far beyond just transportation. Our vision is to pioneer in creating greener, self-reliant communities through a diverse range of renewable energy solutions, encompassing solar power, battery storage, and more. We are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and energy costs, advocating for social inclusion, and making a significant, positive impact on the environment and people’s lives.

Our Mission

Energising Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Amber Fusion’s mission is to provide comprehensive renewable energy solutions, going beyond just energising vehicles. We are committed to empowering communities towards energy independence, using an array of renewable sources.

Our focus is on reducing energy costs, enhancing environmental sustainability, and nurturing local talent in renewable technologies. We strive to create opportunities that foster social mobility and transform community members into advocates for sustainability.

Our Mission: Energising Today for a Brighter Tomorrow
Amber Fusion Limited

Founded on a Genuine Desire to Change Lives

Amber’s foundation lies in a deep-seated desire to impact lives positively.


Every decision we make is driven by the people we serve. From tenants to drivers to local technicians, we’re all in this together.

Green at Heart:

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond business. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, a responsibility


We believe in elevating everyone, be it through skills training or energy savings.


Continuously seeking new ways to harness the sun’s power and perfecting the energy experience.

Our Team

The team brings together diverse expertise and strong international experience with backgrounds and deep sector knowledge in the renewables sector, property sector, investment banking, fund management, research, institutional investing, public sector consulting, renewable energy sector, housing sector and charity sector.

Jakob Kinde Executive Chairman

Jakob Kinde
Chief Executive Officer

Jakob is currently the CEO of Amber and a Director of Kinde & Co Limited and Fearnley & Kinde Limited (a company incorporated and formed together with Matt Fearnley, in 2020-21). A Swedish national with over 40 years of investment banking experience. Began his career with Samuel Montagu & Co Ltd (now HSBC Investment Banking) in 1982 to the end of 1985. In 1983 he founded Fil à Fil Ltd, a shirt retail business, of which he was Managing Director through to 1987 when the business was sold to Next plc. From September 1987 to 1999 he worked at Kleinwort Benson where he held several senior positions including Managing Director and Head of the Nordic Corporate Finance as well as Natural Resources & Forestry Sector. In 1999, he became a Director / Shareholder / Co-Founder of NewMedia Investors Ltd / Spark Ventures plc.

In September 1999 he co-founded and was CEO of EO plc, an online share distribution platform.

He was also a co-founder of AllIPO plc. In November 2002, he founded Libertas Capital and was Executive Chairman of Libertas Capital Group plc from 2003 to 2009, and was until August 2011 the Senior Partner of Libertas Partners LLP. Chairman and Trustee of Noble Tree Foundation Limited, a UK registered charity of which he founded in 2003. In 2011, he founded Noble Tree Property Asset Management Ltd which is now owned 100% by Noble Tree Foundation Limited. Since July 2012, he is the Chairman of Boustead Agricultural Ltd. Since 2013 – 2023, he was a Senior Advisor to European American Capital, a FCA regulated firm, and is Chairman of Boustead & Co. Limited.

He has completed over $80bn of a wide range of corporate finance transactions of which $6bn have been in the renewable energy sector. He holds a Certified Diploma in Accountancy and Finance (C.Dip.A.F), is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (M.C.S.I) and has a B.Sc (Economics) from University College London.
Matt Fearnley

Matt Fearnley

C-Level Executive with complimentary NED experience and a stand-out track record across Agency, Corporate and Charity Communication Channels. Inspirational, innovative and expert at leading teams to deliver multi-award winning communication results that generate high levels of performance and revenue. Proven commercial success and influence within global brands and agencies. Expert in working within ambiguous organisations and cross border matrix structures. Matt is also the CEO and Trustee of Noble Tree Foundation, a social housing charity based in the UK. He is also Director of Fearnley & Fearnley Limited and Fearnley & Kinde Limited.

Held Senior marketing, communications, and innovation positions in both corporate and charity sectors | Boosted Nestle’s KitKat sales from 3 to 4 bars per second | Directed pan-European strategic communications for General Motors’ Opel and Vauxhall Marques | Developed the original ‘Everyman’ concept, planning and delivery for the institute of Cancer research | Personally directed P&G cross border communications around its £1.8bn IAMS acquisition | Empowered the government of Jordan to win the UNESCO ‘Severn Wonders of the World’ | Re-positioned Chile from ‘Dictatorship’ to ‘the Switzerland of South America’ | NED and due diligence on £40m NHS Change projects affecting 240,000 people | Built and sold 2 creative agencies for 8 and 5 times pre tax profits respectively | Led teams to win £10m+ of new business incl. Virgin, Yahoo, SABMiller, Total and Korean Air, etc | MBA educated with a BA (Hons) Arts degree in Journalism.

Jack Curtis-Grange - Chief Operating Officer

Jack Curtis-Grange
Chief Operating Officer

Versatile professional with a breadth of experience in both the renewable energy sector and the advertising industry. Beginning his career in renewables, he made a strategic shift into media to cultivate a deeper understanding of branding and marketing. He honed his leadership skills at esteemed companies such as JCDecaux, Monocle, Vogue & GQ, guiding teams to success.

Leveraging his broad expertise, Jack returned to his roots and revitalised Renewable Power Network, a company he initially joined in 2012, now steering it towards the high-end solar installation market. With a young family and a clear vision, he is currently reshaping the business with a dual focus on commercial viability and social housing, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable growth and social responsibility. He has a B.S.C in International Business Birkbeck University of London.

Dr. Boris Goldstein - Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Boris Goldstein
Chief Technology Officer

An experienced, driven, and accomplished Global Business Executive and Leader in solar energy, technology with a wealth of experience while working for leading, high-profile companies and organisations. Possesses a growth-focused leadership style, which has raised over $750m in venture capital for the development of innovative companies and startups in diverse industries, including alternative energy / solar energy including new materials, groundbreaking work in the area of artificial intelligence, biomedicine and financial services.

Founder/Chairman of the Board (2016-present) for NanoGraphene Inc., responsible for all aspects of business management for this manufacturer of high-quality, environmentally clean, waterless graphene products. Handles product development and introduction, as well as executive functions.

Founder/Chairman of the Board (2004-2021) for Brain Scientific (Memory MD), a company specialised in Brain AI diagnostic, and developed FDA-approved products which focused on brain production for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy.

Founder/Chairman of the Board (2013-present) for Brainbit. The firm has integrated patented AI and machine learning innovations into new solutions for mental health. Responsible for managing company operations, leading product investigations, product development and conducting product and process research in the areas of meditation, stress and education applications.

Damian Isaacs - Chief Financial Officer

Damian Isaacs
Chief Financial Officer

Accountant and MBA graduate experienced in M&A, joint-ventures, fund management, business development, financial modelling, financing and investments (renewable energy, high tech, clean tech and real estate clients). Experienced in presentations and reporting to institutional third parties such as investors, underwriters, insurance companies, LSE, income tax. Highly connected with multiple sources of finance for senior debt, mezzanine and equity.

  • Established and grown Arnodan Limited, a boutique consultancy specialising in strategy and financing for a broad range of clients across high tech, green tech and real estate sectors.
  • Co-founded and set up ACDI Energy Saving Solutions Ltd, a disruptive UK based renewable energy business that utilises CCHP technology and state of the art electricity solutions to create super-efficient power stations.
  • Successfully guided the creation of Photovoltaic parks in Greece and managed 7 companies effectively to navigate a politically opaque landscape and fragmented business market.
Jignesh Doshi - Manager of Finance & Accounting

Jignesh Doshi
Manager of Finance & Accounting

Jignesh joined the firm back in 2000 after completing ACCA and has over 20 years of practice experience behind him. He is responsible for the smooth running of the practice and looks after all aspects of practice management and assurance including overall management of staff. He specialises in Accounts, Corporate Tax, Personal Tax, Business Start-ups, SMEs and tax planning for high net worth individuals. Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Affiliate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.

James Bedborough-Storesund Operations Manager

James Bedborough-Storesund
Business Development & Investor Relations

James studied property development and planning at Oxford Brookes University, leveraging his expertise originally as an analyst at Noble Tree Foundation and Amber since May 2022. Before his tenure at Amber, he honed his skills in project management and construction, showcasing his proficiency both in the UK and internationally. Prior to joining NTF and Amber, he made notable contributions to a London-based PR Agency, driving successful promotional campaigns for advanced technological products from companies like Netgear, Netatmo, and others in the computer networking industry.

Kuda Zafevere - IT Manager

Kuda Zafevere
Head of Business IT Architecture

Kuda brings a wealth of expertise as an IT specialist and programmer. His experience spans various industry sectors, focusing on innovative IT solutions for B2B, B2C, and P2P audiences. In addition to his role at Amber, Kuda also holds the position of IT Manager at NTF, further demonstrating his vast experience and skill in the field of information technology.

Lorena Szerman - Non-Executive Director

Lorena Szerman
Non-Executive Director

Dynamic and goal-oriented, serial entrepreneur, with strong leadership skills. 20 years international experience in tech start-ups, scale-ups and large organisations. Involved in several exits. Held senior leadership roles in sales, marketing, product management and business development, with consistent success in driving growth and over-achieving on revenue targets.

  • Advisor at Kaylo, DN Capital. Founder of non-profit children’s entrepreneurial education Bizworld UK, and Member of London Revenue Collective – now Pavillion.
  • Previously CRO at everyLIFE, a health tech scaleup company leading the way in digital care management for homecare, reablement and residential care.
  • Previously CRO leading Sales and Marketing at Soma Analytics, a digital mental health start-up, providing businesses and individuals with the smart way to beat stress at work. Soma was acquired by Prenetics.
  • Head of sales EMEA General Business at Xactly Corporation, SaaS platform for incentive compensation and leading Salesforce partner. Nasdaq IPO and subsequent acquisition by Vista Equity Partners.
  • 14 years + Europe, HQ US/Silicon Valley, and Latin America with Oracle Corporation: Leadership roles in Enterprise Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Technical Consulting for Middleware Solutions, Data Analytics, Big Data and Enterprise Applications.
  • Silicon Valley start-up Niku: Head of Product Management for their Enterprise Applications (now Computer Associates). Nasdaq IPO and subsequent acquisitions.
  • Scandinavian start-up Interse: VP of Product Management Content Management and Search Platform (backed by largest Scandinavian VC Nordic Venture Partners). Member of Executive Management Team.
Peter Nesveda - Non-Executive Director

Peter Nesveda
Non-Executive Director

Peter Nesveda brings over 30+ years of international investor relations and corporate affairs experience, having worked with in excess of 200 public and private companies in Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

Peter combines a significant number of global contacts in the public and private sectors and has assisted in forming companies by way of strategic and cornerstone investor introductions. He brings all of his skill sets – corporate, communications, and legal to work in support of start-up and emerging companies eg: investor relations, corporate affairs, introducing funders and financiers, helping build management teams and board of directors.

Peter is a believer in the old saying ‘put your money where your mouth is’. He is always an investor into companies he joins, advises and represents.

Peter has assisted in numerous mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and has experience in resources, disruptive technologies, the service, energy both in the fossil fuel and renewable energy sectors.

Over the last five years, Peter has helped to launch numerous new companies operating in the disruptive technology sector.

Michael Hygaard - Non-Executive Director

Michael Hygaard
Non-Executive Director

Michael Hygaard founded Cannattainit in 2017, to house IP for Media and Technologies and Trading Transactions. Cannattainit is developing business to supply their customer requirements and achieve success on all of our contractual obligations with all parties pleased with the work repertoire that’s been established. Cannattainit is designed for leveraging business partnerships and strategic alliances developed over the past 15 years to mature into Joint Venture Partnerships enabling companies to fulfill their business directive and core competence, while expanding their reach globally, generating fresh revenues and target new business opportunities availed through the Cannattainit Private Network.

Michael started out early in life showing his abilities both scholastically and with a strong sense of fairness taught by his Father and Mother and instituted in life and sports where the integrity of the sport and sportsmanship, being a gentleman and using logic to solve problems led into Michael Hygaard at 13 years old being the youngest certified level 3 hockey official in Canada, and the referee-in-chief of men’s hockey league at 16. Michael carried this trait into business whereas he was being paid for his professional services and operating as a professional hockey official and entrepreneur representing himself in the highest esteem as such holding true to his word and Michael expects that of all Cannattainit Partners and will always follow a strict protocol and have all proper supporting documents in place, fulfilling all obligations of due diligence and compliance with international business practices hence Cannattainit maintaining good corporate citizenship in all operations.

Our Collective Commitment

Each member of our team embodies Amber’s ethos: a relentless pursuit of sustainable innovation and a deep commitment to community empowerment. Together, we are energising a brighter future for all.