Amber Solar Power Limited

Consultancy Services

Leading Consultancy in Renewable Energy

Amber offers comprehensive consultancy services, focusing on renewable energy projects. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Acting Principal

    We specialise in identifying and sourcing renewable projects for funding clients, and securing funding for developer clients.

  • Consulting Services

    Our team provides a full range of corporate consultancy and advisory services to both developers and funders in the renewable energy market.

  • Project Development

    As a collaborative funding partner and SPV shareholder, we sponsor various stages of project development, from early stages to fully operational power plants.

Amber Fusion Renewable Energy Consultancy services
Renewable Energy consultancy services

Diverse Market Expertise

Our consultancy extends to key markets like Solar (CPV & PV), Onshore and Offshore Wind, Geothermal, Waste-to-Energy (WTE), and innovative infrastructure projects. We engage early in the development cycle, aiding in finance provision for ready-to-build, construction, and commercial operational phases.

Revenue Model

Our revenue is derived from a blend of consultancy retainers, success-based fees, commissions, and equity participation in project Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). A detailed transaction list is available upon request.

Amber Revenue Model